Back to the Basics- 5 Takeaways from PubClub’s Speed Pitch Event

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Written by Account Coordinators Carmen Soh and Alex Connelly

We recently attended PubClub’s Speed Pitch event with Cameron Burns of Boston Green Blog and Just Us Gals, Alex Weaver of BostInno and Tom O’Keefe of Boston Tweet. Here are five key takeaways we learned about pitching media from the event.

Research who you’re pitching.

First and foremost, you must research the contacts you are trying to pitch. Spell their names correctly, read previous articles and become familiar with their beats for a more personalized pitch!

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Include all necessary information.

If a picture is necessary for your pitch, include it; if stats are crucial, include them! Reporters don’t like to have to do the legwork for you. That said…

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Be concise.

Nobody wants to read a ten-paragraph pitch.

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Always answer, “Why you? Why us? Why now?”

Make sure you convey why your pitch is relevant, why you think the publication should care about the story, and why it is timely.

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Follow-up, but don’t overdo it.

Pretty self-explanatory – following up once or twice is fine, but after that, it just gets annoying.

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