Football Welcomes a ‘New’ Player

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Football today is a commercial paradise. The FT broke news yesterday that the 20 teams that make up the world’s most commercially successful football league, made a combined profit for the first time since the ’98-99 season. This was achieved in no small part by the contribution of the first year of revenues from the £3bn three-year television rights deal signed in 2012, and underlines just how commercially lucrative this business is.

And with the news last month that Sky and BT will retain the TV rights of the Premier League – this time £5bn, it can only get bigger.

And then of course there is the fast-lane lifestyle of some the most talented players who get to the top of the game. Sports cars, model girlfriends, beautiful homes, even a starring roles in sports brands’ campaigns. It can all seem a far cry from the muddy pitches of the amateur leagues.

There is a new brand on the scene that bridges that divide however. On February 4th this year, New Balance Football was officially launched.  This is a company looking to carve a new niche and stay close to its traditional values:  fearlessly independent; leading by character; relentlessly driven and putting athletes first. With over 100 years’ heritage in sport, New Balance knows a thing or two about what it takes to be successful in a new sports category. From its origins as a running brand, New Balance has branched out to take leading positions in tennis, baseball, cricket and more, and is now associated with some of the biggest sports personalities around the globe.


The brand is positioning itself to be more about the relentless pursuit to improve, than aspiring to superhuman status; doing whatever it takes to become a better player. At the global launch event in London last month, the world was given a glimpse of how that positioning will take shape. There was no spaceship entrance with players appearing through the mist as if they had been sent down to earth to grace us with their presence! Instead, New Balance focused on the attainable side of football, this was a real-world event from a down-to-earth brand. Eight international superstars sat on stage and spoke from the heart about New Balance Football.

KV5C9596I’ve been to a few of those types of events before which can be a bit laborious. I thought this was completely the opposite – extremely well put together, very slick and interesting throughout – Paul Warren, Ed Chamberlain Representation, JLA

2015 will be a big year for New Balance Football. With sponsored players Aaron Ramsey, Adnan Januzaj, Marouane Fellaini, Vincent Kompany, Alvaro Negredo, Tim Cahill, Fernando, Jesus Navas, Samir Nasri will be leading the charge on the field for the brand, along with a club roster (Liverpool, FC Porto, Sevilla, Stoke City, Emelec, Shamrock Rovers, O’Higgins, Odd, Sagan Tosu and Yagamata) which spans the globe, the brand has the assets to make a real impact.

New Balance Football’s players made it clear that whether World Cup-Winner or Sunday League player, New Balance Football puts the athlete first.  The eight players that were officially revealed at the launch all spoke of how the brand had a family feel to it, a close-knit unit which really appealed to them. They discussed how they had felt more involved in the design process than ever before in their career; that New Balance is a company that listens to what they need, rather than telling them what they want. That ethos will serve New Balance Football well in the wider market.  Football isn’t about all the glitz and the glamour; players should be able to aspire to be the best they possibly can, irrespective of what level they are at.

6L1A8383It was an impressive introduction to the world of football from New Balance. A slick and efficient show and even managed to successfully synchronise the arrival of eight professional footballers – an achievement which is almost unheard of! – Ed Bearryman, Features Editor, Match of the Day

The global launch event was a roaring success. 240 articles running across print and online, 10 news stories ran on national broadcast channels aired in the UK, Japan, China, Australia, USA. Video sharing outlets accumulated 70, 000 views for launch event features inside 48 hours of the event and live event news reached 11,672,583 via twitter.

New Balance Football is firmly established as the company that will be all about real football.

NB_Launch_Kompany_Instagram_blackThe main thing for me is I’ve been involved in the designing of the boot. I’ve been able to work to be able to make the boot better than other boot I’ve had before – Vincent Kompany, Belgium and Manchester City Captain



Only time will tell whether the business has found what may have been missing since £multi-millions has changed and continues to shape it –  but the signs look good for New Balance Football, as the company launches its first global football brand ad, #NBFootball.

Performance of the advert has amassed over 300,000 views in just 24 hours.