Holiday Marketing: Where Do We Draw the Line?

Racepoint Global

Written by Kayla Niedziejko, Associate, Agency Marketing

Merriam Webster defines the word holiday as “a special day of celebration: a day when most people do not have to work.”

For professionals in the marketing and communications world, holidays are opportunities; a chance to inform customers, promote products and cash in rewards.

For 8 out of ten consumers, the hype and commercialization of the holidays triggers stress and fatigue. Both men and women feel that advertisements increase pressure to buy expensive gifts during the holidays. At the end of it all, large corporations are busy counting their profits while consumers are left with empty pockets and exhaustion.

As experts in our field, it’s sometimes difficult to take the marketing cap off and remember what the holidays are truly about. While our minds are trained to garner attention, attract buyers and increase sales, we tend to lose sight of what is most important during the holiday season.



TJMaxx holiday commercial highlights what truly matters during the holidays.


As of recent, we’ve started to see companies make small changes during the holidays in an attempt to realign its business goals with social good. Last month, REI made a bold move and decided to close all of its retail stores on Black Friday, encouraging its customer base to #OptOutside to enjoy the day with family and friends. This move sparked several other stores, such as Nordstrom, to close on Thanksgiving day, but re-open for Black Friday. Nordstrom also announced it would not decorate for the Christmas season until Black Friday, in an attempt to keep consumers focused on one holiday at a time.

Is it possible for our industry to find a happy medium? Will companies find ways to promote its products and services without losing sight of what holidays represent at their core?

Whether you’re a marketing communications professional, simply a consumer, or both, take a moment to enjoy advertisements that have successfully found that middle ground!