You’ve Got Friends In Hong Kong

Racepoint Global

As the winner of the Q2 2015 exchange program, I had the opportunity to visit Racepoint Hong Kong and meet the crew there. Here’s a brief summary of the trip.

One wouldn’t normally expect to travel to a city on the other side of the world for the first time and have the red carpet rolled out for them, but that’s exactly what happens when you visit Racepoint Hong Kong. Two amazing things happen when you get out of the elevator on the 8th floor of 62 Lockhart Road: 1) You see a massive Racepoint Global sign, which is comforting after an 18 hour flight. 2) You are greeted by the most gracious group of hosts you will ever meet.

Everyone in the office took time out of their busy days to show me all around, and it’s a city so vast and complex that it requires a tour guide. Trying to explain Hong Kong would take hours, so instead I’ll show you some exciting pictures.


View from the peak: The central districts of Hong Kong are on an island with some very steep terrain that is half city and half high-rises. This is the view from the highest peak on the island, looking north across the bay to the Kowloon district.


Racepoint Hong Kong.


Ice cream is never far away. There must have been hundreds of these vans.


View from the harbor. If you made an entire city out of Times Square, that’s basically Hong Kong.


Field trip to Kowloon with Noel and Jen to watch the Symphony of Lights…what’s that? Here’s a youtube video:

The ICC building, with people swimming laps on it:


The Happy Valley Wednesday Night Horse Races. This track is only a few minutes away from the office.


Central at night: 86 degrees and 90% humidity

Many Racepointers share accounts while working out of different offices thousands of miles apart, but getting to meet members from the other offices really drives home the fact that we are a global agency. Thanks again to the Hong Kong team for an incredible week!