Dunkin’ Donuts Gets Personal

Racepoint Global

Written by Ani Jigarjian, Vice President, Global Marketing and Business Development 

Ok Dunks Nation,

*potential spoil alert*

Did anyone else have this waiting in their inbox this week?


I did. And I loved it.

An enterprise brand taking the time to send customized infographics to its DD Perks users with a 2015 year in review. Let’s all raise our cups of coffee to that.

Then I started looking it over for the second and third time and wondered if this campaign may have been rushed a bit. I came to that conclusion when I read this: “2015 was filled with tons of Delicious Moments.” However, only two of the statistics are focused around food & beverage. The rest are simply buyer stats; so not that delicious – but definitely hold the potential to be interesting. As for the rest of the visually stimulating piece, I thought more detail could’ve been provided in order to really wow their brand advocates. Customers like to read about their consumption habits and if a brand has an opportunity to show more – they should!

So if Dunkin’ Donuts is looking for feedback, here’s my opinion on how they can better this experience and add value:

  • Consumers love to save money. How much did I save by using the DD Perks app?
  • What did the 606 bonus points get me? I like to aim high. I think I’ll go for 1000 this year.
  • I visited two stores in 2015. I was a bit shocked. Really? Only 2 stores in all of 2015? Where? Let me see a map thingy, please.
  • How often did I reload my card throughout the year? I’d love to know how much money I’m spending at D&D. This could potentially lead to good things for you, Dunkin’ – like picking up a few shares of your stock after I realize how many bagels and cups of coffee I’m consuming.
  • What is a badge? I do-nut (I couldn’t help myself) even know what this is and it makes me feel like I missed out on something. I used to be a Girl Scout, ya know, and badges are cool.
  • What do we have to look forward to in 2016?
  • Be sure the image/infographic itself links back to your site – SEO 101.

Customization can be pretty awesome, but if you’re going to make an impression, be sure it’s relevant and adds value for your consumers, so next time they see 2016 year in review in their inbox, they actually want to open it.


Big props to Dunkin’ Donuts for leading the customization train. This was really cool to see. I look forward to my next year in review!

Oh, and just to be clear. My infographic states that donuts were my favorite item in 2015. Rest assured, the vast majority of those were for my sons (#ABribeADayMakesItAllOk).

Lastly, do me a favor, and go to dunkindonuts.com. What location do you get in the upper right hand corner? So far, I’ve gotten Lenexa, Brooklyn and Indianapolis. Hacker alert?