How Does She Do It All? The Work-Life Balancing Act

Racepoint Global

Written by Allison Frieden, Account Executive at Racepoint Global

It’s not often women can gather to ask honest questions about work-life balance. The traditional 9-5 work week is slowly disappearing as technology makes us more accessible than ever before and employees often obligated to stay connected 24/7. The need to stay connected but also juggle our personal lives is leading to stress and concerns as we all try to determine the best way manage a delicate work-life balance. How do we best manage it all and still advance in our careers?

Last week, I attended MITX’s Influence(her) event at HubSpot with fellow Racepoint colleagues where we had the privilege to learn from some of today’s industry leaders on how best to balance work and home life.


Here’s some of the pieces of advice shared during the event:

Addie Swartz, CEO, reacHIRE

  • “You can’t be everything to everyone all the time. Pick two things and make it work.”

Elizabeth Bramson-Boudreau, COO, MIT Technology Review

  • “Keep up your relationships. No matter what your path, keep those relationships so you aren’t stuck in one lane. Understand that your preferences will shift.”
  • “Ask questions: People really like to be flattered when you ask for advice and I wish I would’ve asked questions much earlier in my career.”
  • “Read the book ‘I Know How She Does It.’ There are so many good pieces of advice for women in that book.”

More often than not, we all tend to look at others and assume they have it all together because they’re dressed a certain way or have an outgoing personality. It was very comforting to sit in a room full of well-educated women with fabulous clothes and amazing jobs who all had similar concerns about successfully “doing it all.”

The conclusion I’ve come to, there is no right way or wrong way in determining what is right for your personal work-life balance. The successful work-life balancers all have the same thread running throughout –in order to move forward, you have to constantly be inquisitive about all aspects of life. Through continually asking questions, taking courses, and exploring outside of your comfort zone, true growth will not only occur, but flourish.