#SOTU 2016

Racepoint Global

By Stephanie Berhane and Darren Whetstone


Tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver his final State of the Union address – a speech he has said will focus on the issues that will affect the country for generations to come. In his words, “This address will be for you.” With the people in mind, there will be several opportunities to engage with the White House, the President and other staffers on social media platforms. Join the discussion and take advantage of the activities surrounding the speech with Racepoint Global’s annual State of the Union social media guide.

Have a question for POTUS? The official hashtag for the speech is #SOTU. Additionally, we would recommend that you watch the #SOTUChat hashtag during and immediately after the speech, as this is the official hashtag for submitting questions to the President’s senior advisors for discussion directly after the speech. Be sure to include these hashtags in all of your #SOTU-related tweets!

Where to watch the speech live online:

Last week, President Obama was featured in a teaser hosted on the White House YouTube channel. The video can also be found on the White House’s official website, here, along with blurbs and graphics promoting themes of this year’s address that are shareable across various social media platforms.

The speech will be broadcast live on a number of different White House social media platforms and mobile devices in an effort to “help connect American citizens to the government that serves them,” according to a Medium post shared this week by White House Chief Digital Officer Jason Goldman. It will also be viewable on-demand via Amazon Video in case you can’t catch it during its scheduled time (9pm EST). President Obama’s past addresses have been archived on Amazon video and the White House YouTube channel, as well as on Genius, where featured annotations and highlights can provide additional context. You can also RSVP to watch the address here and sign up here to receive email updates with exclusive content before and after the speech.

There are several ways you can watch and follow the speech:

Third-Annual Virtual Big Block of Cheese Day:

Immediately following the speech and over the course of the week, there will be several opportunities for additional engagement around the State of the Union.

On January 13th, the White House is hosting Big Block of Cheese Day for the third year in a row. Cabinet members, members of Congress, Senior White House officials, and other special guests are hosting an eight-hour social media event to answer questions from the public about the topics most important to them.

Big Block of Cheese Day is inspired by President Andrew Jackson’s open house in 1837 featuring a 1,400-pound block of cheese and was often referenced by the television show, The West Wing. Last year, the White House posted a YouTube video explaining the big event.

The White House encourages questions (and cheese puns) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr using the hashtag, #BigBlockOfCheeseDay. For those interested in participating in Big Block of Cheese Day, the White House has already posted a full schedule of engagement by topic on their blog.

YouTube Stars Interview President Obama:

On January 15th, three YouTube stars, Ingrid Nilsen, Adande Thorne, and Destin Sandlin, will interview President Obama about issues discussed during his State of the Union speech. The interview will be streamed live on the White House’s YouTube channel and on the White House’s website. You can submit your questions in advance using the #YouTubeAsksObama hashtag.