Takeaways from the Ad Club Brandathon 2016

Racepoint Global

 By Seth Hatfield, Associate Creative Director

Ad Club Brandathon

What Is The Brandathon?

The Brandathon is an annual Boston Ad Club event that pairs 12 creative teams from local advertising agencies with local startups. Each team has 72 hours to create and design a brand campaign presentation and 8 minutes at the Brandathon Event to pitch to their assigned startup. Our fantastic New Business department procured me a ticket to this event and I got to see 12 carefully crafted creative presentations. Here are the top takeaways that could help all agencies with their future pitches.

3rd Place

Lead with visuals, and voice over the details. You don’t need all that text

AdClub Brandathon, 3rd

The Small Army team does a wonderful job of creating a strong campaign and infusing their presentation with visuals that support it. Watch their presentation to see how they bring the Bee Goodz brand to a new level.

2nd Place

Make your video do the heavy lifting

AdClub Brandathon, 2nd

Video can tell a much richer story than a person talking, that’s why more people go to movies than to spoken word performances. Viewpoint Creative’s video for EchoMe pairs stunning graphics with storytelling to basically sell the pitch. When the video is done, the presenters merely need to tie the pitch up with a bow.

1st Place

Script your presentation, and then rehearse the heck out of it


Ad Club, Brandathon

While I wasn’t a huge fan of some of the attempts at humor early on in Arnold’s pitch, their command of the material is compelling. The presenters know what’s next at all times and are able to create a seamless presentation that exudes victory.

Brandathon gives creative teams from local agencies a rare opportunity to see how their peers work. Check out other Brandathon presentations on YouTube to get more valuable insights on how agencies build a winning pitch.