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Can you hear that? That’s the sound of the clock ticking down to 24th May and the moment GDPR comes into force.

At the time of writing it’s a little over 200 days away which will be here before we know it. Some companies will be breathing a sigh of relief that there is still time. Earlier this week, Verso Group, a company specialising in phone ‘surveys’ of consumers was fined for its part in a campaign where 46 million nuisance PPI calls were made. The fine was a not insignificant £80,000 but with the tighter controls on consumer data and heavier fines that GDPR brings, similar cases are likely to be treated much harsher in future.

It also seems the GDPR trend is catching on elsewhere. Speaking to ZDNet, Senator Bridget McKenzie suggested that Australia – where 50,000 government staff records were compromised recently – will likely have its own GDPR in future. Mandatory data breach notification laws, similar to those covered in the EU’s GDPR, come into effect next year and will be followed by further legislation that is designed to protect communities, people and industry.

Of course, GDPR impacts every organisation worldwide which is operating in the EU. It already has ramifications worldwide and with the growth of IoT and a more connected global economy, it’s difficult to see who it doesn’t affect.

200 days and counting; now’s the time to start taking GDPR seriously.

News Round-up


Verso group data hoarded fined by UK watchdog

‘Data hoarder’ company is fined by ICO for misuse of consumer data for lead-generation campaigns.


AMP among companies affected by data breach of 50,000 staff records

TalkTalk has come under fire again and after an investigation by ICO.


Australia likely to get its own GDPR

Australian Senator, Bridget McKenzie suggests that mandatory data breach notification laws are likely to be followed by further measures to protect the digital ecosystem.

Business Insider

Leaked data from massive Malaysian breach ‘likely available online for long time’

Personal details relating to over 46 million Malaysian mobile subscriptions obtained in a 2014 data breach have probably been available to buy on the dark web for some time.


Hilton reaches $700,000 settlement over data breaches in 2015


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