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In the news this week, Consumer Reports, a popular U.S. non-profit group which produces in-depth reviews of consumer products, announced that it would start considering cyber security in its reviews. As part of this initiative, the group partnered with security firms to develop methods which could test whether a product could be hacked.

Consumer Reports’ move to incorporate cyber security is in accordance with the greater emphasis on the security of connected devices. Last week, we wrote how the topic of security vulnerabilities in IoT devices was a key discussion point. We saw evidence of this last year when the Mirai botnet recruited thousands of poorly protected IoT devices and proceeded to bring down Dyn, a DNS service which hosts websites such as Twitter, Spotify and Reddit.

Although it is obvious that attacks on IoT devices will only continue to grow with their adoption, security researchers have claimed that manufacturers have little incentive to invest in their products’ security. Consequently, security firms are racing to fill the gap of IoT security with cutting-edge hardware, such as powerful routers, as well as software, such as comprehensive, but easy-to-use vulnerability dashboards. But in the end, it is up to the consumer to invest in their devices’ security; they eventually choose whether to spend more money on a more secure device.

By incorporating cyber security into their reviews, Consumer Reports is telling their audience that device security deserves their consideration and investment. In turn, they are indicating that IoT device manufacturers should look to invest in better security, or risk losing customers in the future.

News Round-up

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Consumer Reports to factor in cyber security for product reviews

The US non-profit’s decision to include this comes at a prime time, with fears surrounding the influx of Internet of Things (IoT) devices at a high.


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In a keynote at a Boston College, James Comey lamented that most incidents against U.S. businesses go unreported, unless they are reported to the FBI.

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