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Dr Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA Security/ Photo courtesy of RSA

The RSA Conference, the world’s largest such event for the security industry, is underway this week in the US. As you’d expect, there has been a wealth of news and commentary from business leaders coming out of the event. The opening keynote, given by Dr Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA Security, focused on the idea that security is not a technology problem, but a business problem. Alluding to the 2016 Presidential election, he commented that technology had affected the discourse of the election. “It was mainstream front-page news and rocked the foundations of democracy. It demonstrated that our problem isn’t limited to initial cyber-attacks. More, it’s the long tail of chaos it creates.”

The idea that security is not a technology problem but a business problem captures the increased emphasis on technology in business; the two are so intertwined they can’t really be separated. It’s not just something for the ‘tech heads’ to worry about – the whole C-suite needs to sit up and take notice.

Security firms need to make sure their messages and the stories they tell resonate with that wider audience. This requires a targeted communications plan which clearly identifies wide and diverse audiences. Content should be tailored so that it speaks to the particular challenges of each audience and supplemented with multimedia and social amplification. Consequently, with a better understanding of how their own actions affect the world around them, security professionals will make more informed decisions when they work with other businesses.

News Round-up


The Queen formally opens National Cyber Security Centre

The NCSC, part of GCHQ, replaces various other government agencies that had cyber security roles, including the CCA, CESG, CERT UK and more.

 SC Magazine

NCSC: UK government regularly assaulted with powerful cyber-attacks

Ciaran Martin, head of the new NCSC, told the Sunday Times that the UK had been hit by 188 high-level attacks in the past three months alone.


HackerOne is heading to the UK after raising £30m in series C funding

The firm connects white-hat hackers with business to help them find security vulnerabilities.


Security is number one issue plaguing business, Michael Dell tells RSA Conference 2017

RSA keynote speakers have warned that cyber security is no longer a technological problem, it is a society problem.


RSA Conference: New ransomware could poison your town’s water supply if you don’t pay up

Created by researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology


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