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Cyber security transcends industries and sectors. From education and retail to health and finance —any organisation which relies on data is at risk of a cyber-attack. Worse still, it can impact their customers and the clients they serve.

Last week, we noted that the chairman of the National Cyber Management Centre warned a major cyber-attack would affect the financial sector in 2017. While this hasn’t come to pass yet, we’ve already seen our first major breach of the year reported in the healthcare sector. Last Friday, England’s biggest NHS trust, Barts Health, detected a malware attack, forcing it to shut down some of its IT systems for four days.

Not all data breaches are equal and while there are commonalities of course, each sector needs to find where their own vulnerabilities could lie to prevent them. Whatever your business, a data breach can be catastrophic for your reputation if not handled quickly and effectively.

Protecting your business in the advent of a breach is just as important as preventing it. Businesses need to have a crisis communications plan as part of their overall business strategy. As part of this strategy, communicating the right messages to your audience is crucial. Many of our clients at Racepoint run across multiple sectors, providing solutions that are used by various kinds of businesses. This means telling different stories for different sectors, aligning messaging to the points that really matter to each audience. In communications, ‘one story for audience’ doesn’t work and that’s never truer than when it comes to a data breach.


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