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Ani Jigarjian

For some time, commentators have warned of an impending skills gap where not enough people entering the jobs market will have the digital or technical skills to meet demand in an increasingly tech-driven world. This is as true for cyber security as any other technical discipline and leaving these positions vacant will only lead to a dangerous situation where security infrastructure is too weak to adequately protect the digital environment. This will only worsen as the world goes more digital and new technologies and hacking strategies are developed.

It now seems that the government has finally taken solid steps to remedy this. Last year, the government started the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the industry-dedicated body has put into place the first measures specifically aimed at boosting the talent pool from the bottom up.

This week, the NCSC launched a nationwide competition to encourage girls to consider a career in the industry. It will see girls aged 13 to 15 testing their skills in logic and coding, networking and cryptography. With only 10% of the cyber workforce made up of women it is important not to exclude any one group from these roles if we hope to fill that cyber security skills gap.

Another demographic which the government is taking care not to exclude is those who are already in work, opening their new Cyber-Retraining Academy, where students from IT and non-IT backgrounds can attend an intensive 10 week course to learn in-demand cyber-skills.

Communication is vital to solving the digital skills gap and more generally successful talent acquisition. The goals, mission and ideas of an organisation need to be articulated in a clear and compelling way to convey the importance of what they are doing. Those who do will be more successful in securing and retaining talent for their cyber security roles in the future.

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