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For us at Racepoint, February means only one thing: Mobile World Congress. The world’s largest exhibition and conference for the mobile industry, from operators and handset manufacturers, to cloud service providers and security providers, the show has now moved beyond its traditional remit to cover the wider technology ecosystem.

Wherever tech goes, security surely follows and at MWC the rise of the Internet of things (IoT) drove much of the security conversations. With IoT devices popping up throughout homes and businesses, security experts have warned that connecting thousands of things to our existing networks has already resulted in many security breaches. As the volume and complexity of IoT devices will grow, so too will the risks.

There was no shortage of evidence for those risks coming out of MWC. Research by anti-virus Software Provider Avast found that there were 22,000 hackable baby monitors and webcams in Barcelona, as well as 470,000 other kinds of vulnerable IoT devices. Aruba Networks also chimed in with a report, which surveyed 3,100 IT professionals across 20 countries; it found that while nearly all (98 percent) of them understand IoT, a majority (84 percent) still feel that security flaws are a hurdle for greater adoption. And, beyond MWC, it was reported that hackers managed to lay their hands on data gathered by internet-connected stuffed toys, exposing over 2 million voice messages recorded between parents and children as well as other user data.

As a fairly nascent security industry grows and matures – which it will do quickly – security will be a key battleground for vendors and service providers looking to stake a claim for market share.

News Round-up

BBC News

MWC 2017: ‘22,000 hackable webcams in Barcelona’

Anti-virus Software Provider Avast carried out the check to coincide with the first day of the Mobile World Congress trade show. 

Infosecurity Magazine

Yahoo Execs ‘Ignored’ Security Team Over 2014 Breach

Unnamed senior executives and its legal team have been blamed for failing to investigate a 2014 security incident which saw 500 million user accounts stolen by state-sponsored attackers.

Computer Weekly

UK digital strategy highlights key issues but lacks measurable targets

The government’s plans have been received with mixed response by the tech industry

SC Magazine

Cyber-security breaches cost British Businesses almost £30 billion in 2016

This comes according to new research by Beaming, a business ISP.

Computer World

The MongoDB ransomware attacks – 2 million CloudPet IoT kids toys potentially hacked

The CloudPet teddy bears feature microphones and speakers and can be accessed via an accompanying smartphone or tablet app on iOS or Android.

The Register

EU privacy gurus peer at Windows 10, still don’t like what they see

The data protection commissioners found that the installation interface does not sufficiently inform users about what personal data was being collected.

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