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There is no question that cyber security is a matter of national importance; in 2010, cyber security was placed on a par by the UK government with international terrorism in terms of national security priorities. As such it has been no surprise that the volume of cyber security initiatives stemming from government has grown significantly in recent years.

This week, the head of GCHQ wrote an article for the FT urging businesses to better protect their data by engaging with the issues of cyber risk from the C-suite level. Meanwhile, the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) and the National Crime Agency (NCA) released a joint report detailing the growing aggressiveness of cybercrime. It’s not just the UK either. In the US, the Department of Justice indicted four individuals over a Yahoo data breach which affected over one billion user accounts between 2014 and 2016; of the four, two were Russian intelligence agents.

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The stakes when it comes to cyber security appear to be growing each day and the emphasis being placed on it by policymakers is now starting to match the level of lip service which it has received for some time. Initiatives like the establishment of the NCSC last year – a  part of GCHQ – stand testament to the importance that has been placed on education and prevention  of cyber security risk.

We often talk about issues and topics which are ‘hot’ when it comes to the media but you don’t get much hotter than cyber security. When an issue becomes a national priority it naturally generates interest and column inches. This presents an opportunity for businesses trying to communicate their security credentials: the public, who are becoming more digitally literate now have an appetite to learn about and understand cyber security. With this in mind, the opportunities are ever increasing for businesses to make comment or to provide a different angle to the conversation. The challenge is to ensure that message cuts above the noise and is compelling as possible. Being able to communicate on a human level rather than the nuts and bolts of a solution is the key to success.

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