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As more businesses and organizations in the private and public sectors rely on a digital framework, it is imperative that C-suite executives’ pay attention to the cyber security agenda. This is not the first time we have discussed this. In our blog post on the RSA Conference, we highlighted that security is not a technology problem but a business problem. This idea was the central theme of the conference’s keynote address given by Dr. Zulfikar Ramzan, CTO of RSA Security.

But for all these warnings, not all well-established organizations are taking heed. Just this week, customers of mobile operator Three logged onto their online accounts to find that they had access to the personal details of another customer. This follows on from its last data breach which only happened four months ago and affected 134,000 customers.

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Come the 25th May 2018, and these data breaches will take on an even more serve punishment as GDPR regulations come into effect. With the potential for businesses and organizations to be charged up to four per cent of their global revenue, one mistake or lapse in focus in cyber security can have massive repercussions.

However, just as businesses need to ensure they are protected and compliant with regulations such as GDPR, having a robust and well-formed communications plan is equally as important. Keeping users and customers informed of any data breaches in a quickly and timely manner is a key aspect of holding on to trust and customer confidence. Combining this, with a robust plan to shore up gaps in cyber security will be vital for all technology companies going forward.


News Round-up

BBC News

Royal Navy to hold biggest cyber war games

Information Warrior 17 will involve Artificial Intelligence (AI) and test the protection of warships and submarines against cyber attacks.

Infosecurity Magazine

Saks Fifth Avenue Privacy Snafu Exposed Customer Data Online

Luxury US department store accidentally made public the personal details of tens of thousands of its online customers, exposing them to the risk of fraud and cyber-attacks.

Computer Weekly

Three fails to stop second data leak

The leak was discovered by customers who had logged into their accounts to find the personal details of other customers presented on the Three website.

SC Magazine

ICO investigating potential leak of 26m NHS patient records

An “enhanced data sharing” feature in software named SystmOne in use by a third of NHS practices opens up medical records without patient consent.


Germany Raises Cyber-Attack Warning Level Ahead Of Elections

The nation’s national information security office is also recruiting more staff ahead of parliamentary elections later this year.