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This week saw cybersecurity being discussed at the highest levels in both the UK and Europe. In the UK, the Queen outlined in her speech to parliament a new data protection bill which includes a proposal for a “right to be forgotten”. This new proposal will ensure that personal data is deleted on a more regular basis and reduce the risk and damage from data breaches.

In Europe, a European Parliament committee has proposed end-to-end encryption is enforced on all forms of all digital communications including messaging services such as WhatsApp and iMessage. By writing this into European law, personal data and messages will be further protected and citizen’s privacy will be enshrined in law.

What both these story show is the importance that cybersecurity is now seeing at the government and parliamentary level. Communicating in the cybersecurity space needs to reflect these changes and take into account how businesses and organisations can ensure they are communicating with the right influencers and at the right level.

News Round-up

BBC News

Queen’s Speech: New data protection law

Plans for new data protection rules in the UK have been confirmed in the Queen’s Speech.

BBC News

Euro MPs back end-to-end encryption for all citizens

A European Parliament committee is proposing that end-to-end encryption be enforced on all forms of digital communications to protect citizens.

SC Magazine

Queen’s Speech: Promise of a new digital charter to tackle extremism

With the incoming Brexit negotiations, the Queen said her ministers will seek to “provide certainty for individuals and businesses”.

SC Magazine

The return of WannaCry makes Honda manufacturing plant Wannacry

The Japanese auto giant was hit with WannaCry ransomware on Sunday, forcing it to halt production of 1,000 cars.

The Register

Breach at’s Cyber Essentials scheme exposes users to phishing attacks

The operation behind the UK government’s Cyber Essentials scheme has suffered a breach exposing the email addresses of registered consultancies, it told them today.