Maximise your investment in Infosecurity Europe 2017 | CyberSecuritySpeak

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Written by Edwina Chung, Senior Client Manager (London)

If you work in IT security, then you will be well aware that Infosecurity Europe is just around the corner. As one of the biggest events on the IT security calendar, it’s a great opportunity to reach new business prospects, partners and industry influencers. We expect this year to be one of the biggest to date, with incidents like the WannaCry attack firmly placing cybersecurity on the agenda of every organisation going forward.

With dialogue around the topic reaching almost fever pitch, the opportunity for security vendors is greater than ever before. Unfortunately, there are a thousand and one companies looking to capitalise on the show. So, how will you set yourself apart from the crowd and be heard above the din of Infosecurity Europe and beyond?

It’s important to remember that an industry event starts long before the doors open and ends well after the doors close on the last day. A strategic, multi-phase approach will maximise your investment and help your messaging reach the right people. Here are a few things to consider as you prepare:


Before the show – plan and prepare

  • Build your conversation themes – with the best will in the world if you don’t get this right, you’ll struggle to have a successful show. Build these so that they tie your key messaging to wider industry themes. Don’t navel-gaze and put your business in the context of the industry.
  • Identify the people you want to reach – Infosecurity is a busy show and you’ll never have time to meet everyone. Prioritise those you need to connect with and ensure your marketing materials and activities are geared towards them.
  • Lay the groundwork – start seeding content ahead of the show. Hit the publications people will be reading ahead of the show to build familiarity with your messaging before they even meet you. A paid editorial in the show daily is always a good way of making that first connection.


At the show – engage  

  • Meet the media – but not just any media, the right media. This is where your conversation topics will be vital; being able to provide insight on the event’s key themes will help secure strong thought leadership presence among the media.
  • Join the conversation – continue delivering content from the show floor to drive ad-hoc meetings. Don’t forget to use the #InfoSec2017 hashtag on Twitter and create short blog posts looking at the day’s events.
  • Collect insight – Infosecurity Europe is a rare opportunity to have so many informed and influential security experts in one place; make the most of that to gather intelligence and feedback for use at a later date. This data – perhaps from a booth-side survey – can be used for future marketing communications.


After the eventmaintain momentum

  • Create new content – there will be a wealth of new information and ideas coming out of the show for you to leverage in your marketing communications. That booth-side survey could form the basis for a great thought leadership article, for instance.
  • Keep in contact – use this new content as a chance to check in with new contacts you made at the show. Share blogs, videos and media coverage as a way of keeping the conversation going.


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