Startup Clinic

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Written by Mark Jackson, SVP & Deputy Managing Director, Asia

I’ve spent my entire career working with technology companies. I’ve seen the rise and fall of hundreds, possibly thousands, of startups.

Working with founders driven to succeed, it’s often been a roller coaster ride. But I’m full of admiration for what they do and the bravery it takes to start out by yourself. That admiration is not just about the qualities required to take a leap into the unknown but also respect for the impact startups can have on the world around them.

Data from the US shows nearly 11m domestic jobs have been added in the last 58 months with seven million of these created by startups and small businesses. And that’s just the direct impact of new enterprises. Imagine the knock-on effect on all of the businesses that help startups thrive, from printers to marketing services to local food joints!

In Hong Kong and Southern China, the startup wave seems to be showing no signs of abating. Figures from 2015 suggest a 46 percent increase in the number of startups in Hong Kong alone with fintech, greentech and fit-tech among the hottest sectors for new ventures.

But for all the good startups do in driving the economy, the failure rate is huge. Recent research points to nine out of ten failing. Most fail because they run out of money before they start to see real income but a report published in January 2017 pointed to a lack of demand for startups’ innovative ideas as another key factor in failures.

With our history in Hong Kong and our recent opening in Shenzhen and following on the heels of last week’s hugely successful RISE conference, we want to try and make a difference and play a small part in driving the economy forward. So today, we’re launching a startup clinic – free communications advice to any company in its startup phase. We can cover almost any aspect of marketing communications and if we don’t know, we’ll find people who do!

Our first session will be in August, with more details to come shortly. So if you or someone you know needs advice, head over to our microsite where you can register to attend:

We want to help startups succeed because then the economy will really start to accelerate – something that benefits us all.