Changing the Way We Think About Digital Marketing

Racepoint Global

Written by: Stephanie Mendonca – Brand Designer, Racepoint Global Boston

2018 is going to be changing the way we think about digital marketing with new trends that will shift how we, as marketers, do business. With our ever compelling need to break through the noise to consumers, the big digital marketing trends of 2018 will provide better use of rising technologies. A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to attend a Digital Marketing Learn Series, discussing 2018 Digital Marketing trends to be prepared for. These 2018 trends to look out for include original content, chatbots, privacy protection, influencer marketing, video, and the consumer journey and experience.

Original content

Often when thinking about digital content marketing, we would think of a blog post such as this one, and how so many brands go about it the wrong way. Bombarding consumers with digital content that is only made to sell is a thing of the past. 2018 is going to be all about promoting original content that people actually want to engage with. Sponsored and pay per click posts are not as effective as they used to be─ organic digital growth is the way of the future.


Chatbots will also be one of the main influencers for successful B2B digital marketing in the year to come, as most developer teams will have AI functionality. Chatbots are computer programs that conduct conversations via auditory or textual methods. Well-known brands such as Sephora and H&M have used them to provide customized recommendations and services to their customers. Chatbots also make it extremely easy to target consumers that are ready to buy, making it an essential tool for 2018.

Privacy Protection

The importance of privacy protection has risen due to the new European Data Protection Regulation which will reinvent digital privacy in Europe and beyond. With the high quantity of online data breaches throughout 2017, privacy protection will become an immense selling point in the New Year. Brand trust and loyalty will be at stake for those who cannot contain their data successfully.

Influencer Marketing

As niche influencer marketing has been up and coming, many brands like Amazon will continue to increase influencer marketing campaigns throughout 2018. Amazon’s new influencer program will be a major platform for brands and influencers as influencers can develop a page following on their recommended products. With sponsored and pay-per-click ads falling to the wayside, the rise of niche influencers is an excellent way to break through the noise and easily talk to target audiences.


Recently, video has become a much more engaging tool on social media and is predicted to continue to engage consumers throughout 2018. Video is essential in creating micro-moments to display the consumer experience and even Facebook has claimed that their live videos achieve three times more views than regular posted videos.

Customer Journey and Experience

The most game-changing trend we have seen in recent years, which will continue to dominate 2018 marketing trends, is the consumer journey and experience. Brands need to be seen less as a corporation and more of a lifestyle. It’s about investing in a long-term relationship with the individual consumer throughout more channels than just owning the product or service that they’re offering. At the end of the day, marketers need to create an emotional and motivational storytelling experience that speaks to, impacts and moves their audience.

What other digital marketing trends do you think marketers should be on the lookout for in this New Year? Share your thoughts with us!