Using Reddit to boost your media coverage

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Written by: Sarah Jarvis, Agency Marketing Intern, Boston

Need a new smoothie recipe? Curious about climate change? Want to stare at insanely cute pictures of puppies? These topics may all be extremely unrelated but there happens to be a place where you can find each of these topics and anything else you can imagine. Reddit brings communities and individuals together to share ideas, the latest digital trends, breaking news, and much more.

Reddit is one of the biggest and best online forums to find content and is the 8th most visited site on the internet. While Reddit is helpful for people to stay up to date on current topics and trends, it can also be highly valuable in order for businesses to boost their media coverage. But, before you begin to even think about earning media coverage on Reddit, you need to know how to properly use Reddit and be aware of its rules and limitations.

How Reddit works:

  • The site’s broken down into subreddits which are pages where an individual topic lives
    • Examples of subreddits are r/movies, r/food, etc.
  • Each post can be ‘upvoted’ or ‘downvoted’ by users
    • The sum of a posts upvotes or downvotes determines that post’s ranking and how high it appears on a given page
  • Discussion threads exist below a subreddit
    • If you click on comments, you can see the discussion thread and learn user reactions, opinions, and observations
  • The posts with the best ranking in a very recent period will appear on Reddit’s ‘front page’

Rules of Reddit:

  • No Spam
  • No vote manipulation
  • No promotional content

What you need to do:

  1. Become an active user
    • This requires spending time to search around the site and really engage with Reddit
  2. Master search function
    • This will allow you to able to find the content you are hoping to find
    • The search bar on Reddit does not work all that great
    • You can search by topic which can be found at the very top of the Reddit website
  3. Be aware of the most valuable filter combination
    • A subreddit, at the top of the page, during the past month
  4. Identify your content type
    • E. trending topic on Reddit or in the news, something related to your business or clients
  5. Identify common themes, layouts, and ideas that are present within the top performing content
  6. Read comments on posts to gather data about the audience receptions
  7. Create your own content by using the information found in the previous steps
  8. Pitch content to journalist and promote via social media

Once you have mastered how to use Reddit, you can share topics and information of your own. By being aware of how Reddit works and its limitations, you can find content that has already been verified as something reporters and people will like, which ultimately will make it easier to earn coverage from top media outlets.

Could this be where the future of earned media is headed? Share with us your comments below.