Available in stores on April 21st: Larry Weber’s fifth book, the Digital Marketer!

April 10, 2014

With an intriguing foreword from Forrester Research CEO George Colony, The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Customer-Centric, is an educational and engaging book, written by digital marketing guru Larry Weber and business writer and consultant Lisa Leslie Henderson. The book talks about the latest digital tools and trends used in today’s marketing initiatives and covers off on all the hot topics we’re eager to learn more about, including big data, digital loyalty programs, predictive analytics, and contextualized content.

Modern communications technology is irrevocably altering human behavior and causing seismic shifts in marketing philosophy, practices, and careers. Although marketing is still about creating and keeping customers, the how-to questions for accomplishing this have changed considerably. To help make sense of it all, The Digital Marketer explains:

• The ins and outs of this brave new world of digital marketing

• The specific techniques needed to achieve high  customer engagement

• The modern innovations that help you outperform the competition

• The best targeting and positioning practices for today’s digital era

• How customer insights derived from big and small data and analytics, combined with software, design, and creativity can create the customer experience  differential.

The book includes full discussions of critical marketing topics such as: contextualization of customer experiences, native advertising, software integration, ubiquitous mobile and tablet technology, location-based services, design thinking, customer journey analysis, rich content, blending new and traditional media, marketing attribution analysis, marketing agility, and more.

For more details about Larry’s new book, as well as access to some of his presentations, speaking calendar, and other information, please visit The Digital Marketer website.

Copies can be ordered on Amazon.