Chairman Larry Weber Speaks at FutureM Boston

October 17, 2013

On Thursday, Oct. 17, Chairman Larry Weber presented at the 2013 FutureM conference. During his presentation, Larry discussed the changing and increasingly integrated CMO and CIO roles.

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View slides from Larry’s presentation below:

The CMO and CIO – Getting Along for the Sake of the Future of Software

CMO. CIO. Think back to five years ago. Did you ever think these two titles would ever have anything to do with one another? Nope. Never. Not a chance.

In today’s visual and digital world, the future of software is changing. As the software model continues to shift from BtoB to BtoC, we can expect the CMO and CIO to come together in order to provide a seamless and smooth transition as far as the user experience is concerned. This involves anything from ‘easy-on-the-eyes’ design to building and marketing platforms that are geared towards BYOD and the consumerization of IT.

During his presentation, Larry Weber, Chairman of Racepoint Group, talked about how these two roles must learn to get along in one space, and the importance of reinventing themselves as their roles evolve and continue to change. The most successful companies will adapt and embrace the changing roles of the C-suite. In today’s world, businesses can’t stay relevant by staying the same; they must change and evolve over time by reacting to market conditions. The marriage of a marketing-savvy CIO and a tech-savvy CMO is a brilliant one that can pay off drastically. But the real test is patience – and acceptance internally, in order to effectively execute externally.