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Coverage in Digital Marketing Magazine: Now Comes Coding…

September 22, 2015

By Andrew Laxton

Social media week is nearly over and as the end approaches marketers are reflecting on the reminder it gave us that no matter how well versed in strategy and steeped in experience we are, we can’t escape the fact that digital and social are the new old terms. But digital is taking on another, new and more technical edge (yet again). Companies at social media week are offering coding workshops – reflecting the upswing in the popularity of Web development, boosted by our very own UK based Silicon roundabout in London and US sitcoms aired in the UK such as Silicon Valley.

Free coding workshops coding websites such as Code School and Code Academy are also gaining ground in the popularity stakes and inches in the media as they do. These courses offer everyone from any profession the chance to get hands on Web and app design and experience. Why do they want to? Well, the age old adage remains true; knowledge is power. And in this case, having a technical mindset, one which helps you to remain on top of the processes behind the most important digital platform – the Web – is becoming increasingly helpful. From understanding how to change a colour on a webpage to getting to grips with the latest content management system, even basic coding knowledge can help all to make small efficiencies in the day to day project management process.

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