DIG Launches Spark Employee Social Media Brand Ambassador Program

July 26, 2011

On July 26, 2011, Digital Influence Group launched Digital Influence Group Spark™, a program designed to equip brands with the education, programming, policies and customized strategies their employees need to confidently serve as brand ambassadors across social media channels.

View the press release announcing Spark.

Unlike many out-of-the-box social media training programs, we acknowledge that each employee is unique – their social media activity is personal and while many are willing to be brand advocates, they want to do it in their own way. While Facebook is a well-known tool, it is not always the best solution or relevant for every employee or for reaching a brand’s business goals.

We use proprietary survey technology to assess individual employees’ social media behaviors across eight dimensions of “Social Indicator Types”. Based on the results, our team then maps back customized social media engagement plans that are unique to every participant. As part of this process, the team works closely with clients to modify existing corporate social media policies to make them more robust and tailored, and to ensure that all employee engagement plans align with the organization’s overall marketing strategy to drive tangible business results and brand impact.

To learn how your organization can use Spark as a part of your overall digital marketing strategy, contact info@digitalinfluencegroup.com or view our SlideShare overview below.


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