Racepoint Global Launches First in a Series of Research Reports, titled “InMedia”

March 25, 2015

Racepoint Global, an integrated marketing communications agency that places brands at the intersection of influence and action, today announced the launch of InMedia, a research report on how leading global media titles cover technology as it relates to and informs marketers. First in a series of key industry reports, this inaugural research focuses on the stories and ideas that are shaping the mobile industry.

“The media shapes our world; it is a vital channel for how we see and understand changes in technology,” said RJ Bardsley, EVP, Global Tech Strategy Lead. “InMedia explores the ways in which media are shifting and changing, so naturally, these reports are designed specifically for marketers in the advertising, public relations and digital media sectors.”

The agency’s research identified five key trends and implications for how companies should position themselves and develop content that will be attractive to journalists. The trends included:

  1. Moral Mobile Purpose: stories must not lead with technology anymore, but rather be based on purpose, human benefit and vision. Campaigns should focus on the social issues that technology is addressing, and have moral purpose baked in. A technology launch is a stand-alone event without a more meaningful backdrop.
  2. 5th Generation Mobile: as 5G rolls out, companies expressing thought leadership around the implications for consumer experience will win share of voice.
  3. 3 ‘Arcs’ to All Successful Stories: human; friction and only then, technology. And companies need to lose the jargon.
  4. A Broad Church of Validators: companies should seek to validate their stories and claims with influencers beyond the traditional analyst community. Media coverage trends over the past few months highlight how important opinions from bloggers, academics, physicians, designers and artists are to successful share of voice.
  5. Innovation Fatigue: there is growing cynicism among tech-savvy consumers about the pace of technology change, and this is getting covered. Companies can sidestep the trend by talking about how technology is changing the world. And using data points at the heart of trends-setter stories.

Racepoint’s report is titled “Voices of the Handset Economy” and focuses on how some of the world’s most influential media titles cover the subject of mobility. Research is based on a qualitative analysis of the last nine months of media reporting on all the mobile device and services industry. From the Financial Times to The Economist, BBC to Fortune and Wired, by way of Sina.com and the National Business Daily in China – it is designed to assist marketers and communicators in planning how best to build their media strategies at a global level, develop brand content and engage media and influencers in compelling stories about their brands.

As the dust has settled in another record Mobile World Congress in Barcelona (the largest global event for the mobile industry), this research accurately reflects the current trends and topics, giving marketers a wealth of information, insights and predictions.

Analysis of media interest in the following key trending issues is included:

  • Mobility & IoT
  • Distributed Intelligence
  • Connecting Everything
  • The Future of Mobile
    • Premium & Mass Market Experiences
  • Mobility & Content (how every company is a mobile company)
  • Big Data, Little Data & Your Data
  • Commerce & Retail

“Mobile technology is transforming industries, societies and relationships,” says Edmund Gemmell, ARM Holdings director of brand and PR. “Racepoint’s paper offers unusually succinct advice on how to package content to make it more appealing to influencers of all stripes. There are clear insights into the issues that are going to lead the mobile news agenda in the year ahead. It is a great guide for any professional story-teller.”

The next Racepoint InMedia report, due out in May, will be an in-depth analysis of the Chinese technology agenda for 2015 and beyond. Racepoint will analyze the NPC conference this spring and discuss the impact this will have on the technology industry in China and the rest of the world.

“The media shapes our world; it is a vital channel for how we see and understand changes in technology. InMedia explores the ways in which media are shifting and changing,” concludes Peter Prodromou, President of Racepoint Global. “These reports are designed specifically for marketers in the advertising, public relations and digital media sectors.”

To download and view the research paper, please visit http://racepointglobal.com//inmediareport/.