Slides and Video from DIG and IBM’s Session at FutureM

October 25, 2012

On Thursday, October 25, 2012, Kevin Green (@kevinmgreen), Digital Influence Group SVP of Strategy, and Stacy Darling, Global Projects Leader, Brand System Workforce Enablement at IBM, spoke at MITX’s 2012 FutureM Conference (Oct. 23 – 26) about Social Business Enablement and leveraging employees as social media brand advocates.

Session Info
Title: The Role of the Social Employee – Building the IBM Brand in the Social Sphere

Overview: Consumers thirst for real-time information and brand engagement to inform purchase decisions. And the savvy Social Business that satisfies that desire for instant gratification and provides the content customers need to make those decisions will reap the benefits. Despite this fact, many companies fail to recognize the power of their greatest and most scalable asset – their employees.   Learn how IBM is educating and activating employees to serve as social media brand ambassadors, the resulting business impact, and how B2B/B2C organizations can develop programs to provide value to target audiences, increase the quality of customer touchpoints and build brand advocacy.

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Slides from the Session

Video of the Session