Slides from DIG’s Session at 2012 MarketingProfs B2B Forum

October 4, 2012

On October 4, 2012, Digital Influence Group SVP of Strategy Kevin Green (@KevinMGreen) spoke at the MarketingProfs B2B Forum alongside Susan Emerick of IBM about the power of leveraging employees as social media brand ambassadors.

Session Info
Title: Empowering Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors

Overview: In today’s digital age, customers thirst for real-time information and brand engagement to help inform purchase decisions. But it’s the savvy social business that provides the content customers need to make those decisions that reap the benefit of increased sales, loyalty, and satisfaction. But, many companies are (still) hesitant to allow employees to engage in social on their behalf, thwarting the power of their greatest and most scalable asset. In this session, you’ll learn why employees’ online behaviors should influence brand strategies, and how organizations like IBM are educating and activating employees to serve as social media brand ambassadors to help build their brand.

Three Key Session Takeaways:
1. The benefits of empowering employees to be social media brand ambassadors
2. How to educate and activate your employees to engage customers online
3. How to customize your brand ambassador program so that it naturally fits employees’ personal brands, online behaviors, and strengths

View Slides from the Session:

Empowering Employees as Social Media Brand Ambassadors from Digital Influence Group