Code/Talk: Make an app in a day

What is Code/Talk?

Code/Talk is a coding workshop that will teach marketers how to create a Web app in a day. It is for complete beginners, so no experience is necessary. As a comms professional you will learn the fundamentals of the Web, its history, and why it’s important in today’s fast-paced and digital business environment.

Why Code/Talk?

Code/Talk gives you hands on, practical coding exercises and guidance so that you gain insight into the backbone of the marketing platforms you use – the Web. We move you quickly through Web languages including HTML, CSS and Javascript so that you can make informed and detail-oriented marketing decisions when next you are faced with a website or app project.

Code/Talk: Where to find us

We are hosting Code/Talk from Racepoint Global’s London office in Hammersmith (see below for address details). Code/Talk is currently run out of the UK office only, but we are looking to expand and run these workshops globally, so be on the lookout for updates if you are outside of the UK.

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