EA Games Bulletstorm

Getting college students psyched about the launch of a new video game.

The Challenge
College students have a lot of stuff competing for their attention—like music, sports, coeds, and of course video games.

Our challenge: get college students, their friends and their school’s student/alumni network excited about the release of Bulletstorm—a new, unknown video game—in just 30 days.

A college kid’s Facebook newsfeed flows like the tap at an off-campus house. We need to grab their attention with something they’ll want to rally their friends and school around.

Electronic Arts has established partnerships with celebrities and athletes who can easily reach their fans with Facebook and Twitter updates.

Bulletstorm Experience
Suppose you’re a college student and you see an update from Snoop Dogg that he’ll put on a free concert for the school that gets the most votes through the Bulletstorm Facebook app. You share it with your friends. Then pre-order Bulletstorm at the EA store and get 25 additional votes for your school, UNC. You return each day to vote and earn additional votes by watching exclusive Bulletstorm videos.

In addition to the contest being promoted by Snoop Dogg himself, it was also promoted by several athletes, including Maurice Jones-Drew and Drew Brees.

With only 30 days in market, the Bulletstorm Facebook app received significant buzz around the launch of the game among EA’s target audience. Results that make you go hmm:

  • 80% of the people who “liked” the Bulletstorm page were males 18-to-34 which was exactly who EA wanted to reach
  • 108,000 total votes were cast and 1,200 colleges/universities received at least one vote
  • 69,500 views of Bulletstorm content and demo videos
  • 400% increase in Bulletstorm Facebook page “likes” during the 30 days
  • Snoop Dogg posted about the promotion on his Facebook status feed 7 times – each post received over 1,000 likes and averaged 250 comments
  • 3.3 million Twitter impressions were generated

Industry Recognition