So You Think You’re Lactose Intolerant? Keeping Dairy in Your Diet
Moovision: Real Milk for Everyone

Moovision Challenge
Some people who are lactose intolerant don’t buy lactose-free milk for their family because they’re not sure what it is and how it’s made.

We want you to know that lactose-free milk is real cow’s milk, just without the lactose. You can cook with it and it’s just as nutritious as milk, cuz it is milk.

Moovision Insights
No one will go to a lactose-free beverage’s website to find out if they’re lactose intolerant. They’ll go to a medical website instead.

There are 18 million lactose intolerant adults online. In a 30-day period, before the launch of Moovision, there were 8,000+ conversations online about lactose intolerance and nearly 270,000 conversations about milk overall.

Lactose-free brands were only trying to reach lactose intolerant individuals on clinical sites. No one was creating fun and useful experiences to help them keep dairy in their families’ diets.

Moovision Experience
Suppose you’re looking for some new brunch recipes on A video banner that says, “Lactose Intolerant? You can still cook with milk!” catches your eye. You watch a Gourmoo Cooking video.

Then you visit to check out other recipes, print a few out, and make your grocery list for the week.

Moovision Results
In addition to three entertaining video series, hosts a variety of content including recipe contests, a game and a blog. This content is placed on other websites where people with lactose intolerance are spending time naturally.

* Over 50 million hyper-targeted exposures to Moovision content, more than an entire season of Top Chef!

* 416,000+ videos are watched all the way through, translating to 2.5 million minutes of Moovision content consumed

* People who visit spend an average of 3 minutes on the site, 20% higher than the non-alcoholic beverage category norm