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Getting Your Paint On
My Colortopia: Colorful Living Made Easy

The Challenge
Many people want to paint, but are afraid they’ll pick the “wrong” color and wind up living with something they don’t like. So they leave their walls as is.

Colorfuddled adj.: emotionally and physically paralyzed when making the life-altering commitment to a paint color

When you’re colorfuddled, you tear out magazine pages of rooms you like, but aren’t sure you can recreate those looks on your own. It’d be awesome if a friend who knows their way around a roller could help you out.

If you can’t decide which colors you want, you probably haven’t chosen a paint brand either. We need to make you want to go with Glidden Paint.

My Colortopia Experience
You’re checking out a blog and see the My Life, My Colors quiz. Looks fun, so you give it a whirl. You really like the colors you get and click through to

There you find some great painting and decorating tips from the Colortopia Team of DIY bloggers.

You play with some of the color tools like “My Image Inspiration,” which shows you paint colors pulled from photos of things you love.

Thanks to My Colortopia’s content, tools and DIY bloggers, you gain confidence and motivation to get your paint on. My Colortopia is powered by Glidden Paint. And all the tools show Glidden Paint colors. The results are inspiring. After a little more than 4 months in market:

  • More than 170K visits to
  • 1.2 million minutes spent checking out My Colortopia content
  • 40% of site visitors have visited before and are coming back for more
  • After visiting My Colortopia, consumers are more than 70% more likely to buy Glidden Paint for their next project

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