Jenna Keighley

SVP, Earned Media

With over 12 years’ experience as a senior communications consultant, Jenna joins the leadership team in London with responsibility for global integration as well as managing and developing Racepoint Global’s technology practice in London.

Prior to joining Racepoint, Jenna worked as a board director at Nelson Bostock Group Unlimited, where she led major B2B and B2C technology brands including HTC, Canon and Telstra International to develop integrated communications campaigns that speak to both business and consumer audiences, translating ‘speeds and feeds’ into benefit-led messages that drive engagement and build brand value.

Jenna has also worked with component-level technology brands including Intel, CSR and Renesas Technology Europe as well as software and services, with B2B campaigns for Avaya, Fair Isaac (now FICO) and Tata Consultancy Services.

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VP, Earned Media