The Ashley Madison Post

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will realise that has apparently been hacked and its data leaked on to the open web. The hackers claimed that they wouldn’t leak the data if Ashley Madison closed down it’s site. The brand didn’t shutdown.
Google Trends shows how the hack drove a massive amount of search interest. We can see how search interest quickly recovered from the initial hack news. Looking at social conversations, its is obvious where key points in the story broke; this drove conversation with an estimated 4 billion impressions on Twitter alone. sysomos

The story has become a touch point for wider political issues, the most retweeted posts were about the wider debate on gay marriage in the US.

And the wider debate around privacy.

Time magazine was the top ongoing mainstream media news source about the hack on Twitter. What is fascinating about this debacle is how Ashley Madison not been able to control the story at all. With 9.7 GB of data on tap, there are sure to be more stories. PRs can check whether their senior executives run the risk of being exposed by running checks using Have I Been Pwnd?