The New WeChat Feature That Will Drive Creative Content

Racepoint Global

WeChat has recently launched a new feature “declaration of originality.” The purpose is to fight
against plagiarism with an intention to encourage users to share more compelling and valuable content on the platform.

For the time being, the feature will only be available for public accounts of media organizations and will gradually be introduced to all users.

The declaration of originality function involves two simple steps. The registration process is managed at the platform backend. The original work will be verified by the platform system and a logo “©原创” will be tagged to successfully certified materials. When this original work is shared, the logo of declaration of originality will be shown and the source will be specified.

Some appreciate its anti-plagiarism intention while some doubt how a system fairly defines original work. Regardless of the varied opinions of this new feature, one thing we know for sure is creative content is core in today’s communications efforts. “©” is not simply a symbol representing copyright. I, on the other hand, view it simply as a sign for creativity.

In today’s digital communications landscape, content is far more than just text. It can be photos, videos, infographics and motion graphics. Interactive storytelling in a creative way is imperative for brands in today’s society to engage audiences and build relationship with stakeholders.

However, keeping a high level of creative output is not always easy. I believe more and more companies will see the need to hire agencies where they can access to a team of qualified writers, videographers and designers for higher quality multimedia content.

– Monika Yeung, Vice President