HR 101 – Breaking Into The China PR Scene

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In December of last year, the Asia HR team visited some of China’s leading universities such as; Fudan University and Shanghai International Studies University to introduce the “Racepoint Global Internship Program”.

It’s an important measure for Racepoint Global’s talent acquisition to attract junior talent from China’s diverse range of universities. The PR industry is attractive as well as competitive for students who leave University with communication or journalism majors.

So, how can you break into the PR industry?

You don’t need to worry about if you don’t have any related experience. Basic knowledge and common sense is important, what is most important is attitude.

As someone once said “Attitude is everything”.

Most candidates let me know that they are diligent during the interview. But it is hard to judge a candidate based on this, So I prefer to get more information. For example, when you decide to apply for a position with RPG, what do you want to learn or what research have you done on RPG is doing before the interview takes place? If you have approached an interview without any research, then you might not be a suitable candidate.

If you enter the industry successfully, then your study and working attitude will help you in your PR career path.

Secondly, I would say it should be your professionalism.

What professional skills will help you to break into the PR industry successfully?

At a junior/entry level, daily work (typically) is to support your team and client program. You should have a good knowledge and grasp on how the media works, especially traditional media and social media. You will also be working and collaborating with other senior staff to execute the deliverables and tactics as specified within client programs.

When we review the candidates, what the specific requirement we take as reference?

Writing Skills
Firstly, we are looking for the candidates with strong writing, proofreading, verbal and written communication skills.

News Sensitivity
Especially in China, navigating the media can be tricky. So I would say you need to understand and be sensitive to the local media landscape.

Research Skills
We do A LOT of research so understanding how to use online tools is quite important.

Ability To Work Under Pressure
PR is fast-pace industry, we can and will be thrown challenges from many different angles.. So when someone is ready to break into PR, you should be as strong as possible to bear all kinds of pressure.

Team Work
We are one team. Everyone in the team is very important. We are not alone. We work together.

I recently read an article about PR interns. It references some of the the basic requirements from an internship experience. I would recommend those wanting to break into PR to read it –

So if you are interested in PR. Polish up your CV, have a positive attitude and send your CV to the Racepoint Asia HR team –

The PR door will be open to you when you are ready!

Elline Chen,
Office Manager and HR Associate, Shanghai