Over & Out! | My Racepoint Global Internship

Racepoint Global

Five  months ago I was graduating from university with a degree in media and film with the uncertainty of what would lie ahead for the rest of the year and so forth. Thankfully, my sister, having lived in Hong Kong for the past five years suggested I fly out to see her and work with one of her friends at Racepoint Global. This person was Jen Russell.

The idea of course excited me for a number of reasons. I would get the opportunity to travel across the world to hang out with my sister, experience Asia and Hong Kong for the first time, while ultimately gaining valuable work experience for future endeavors – a win win!

Having landed successfully, Jen suggested I popped into the office one afternoon to meet the team before commencing work. Jen met me at the MTR and escorted me to the office where the moment I arrived, I was leapt on by none other than Lauren Pincott, need I say more? Her welcoming hug and genuine look of excitement to meet me for the first time immediately made it apparent that this team was going to be a blast to work with.

My first day at the office followed suit, Jen introduced the ropes to me and gave me a breakdown of what she wanted to get me involved in while I was there with a clear and comprehensive Excel spread sheet (I have to give that an honourable mention for Jen’s benefit!). Her and Clara took me out for lunch and everyone else was so polite and welcoming! I could quite literally go through every person from the office and write something about them that made me either laugh or smile; however, I’ll just mention a few. Emma Rennell, not someone I worked with personally during my time at RPG, but she is one of the tech team’s gurus. I haven’t met a great deal of people from New Zealand in my life thus far, but I can happily say that Emma is by far
the funniest. She genuinely doesn’t have a bad bone in her body and I strongly suggest to people from Racepoint who haven’t had the chance to come into contact with her directly, to do so. A five-minute conversation with her, I guarantee you, would brighten up your day. Clara, the hardest working person in slippers I have ever met. Such a laugh and your phone calls to Vicky fifteen feet away from you always cracked me up. Talking of phone calls, Lauren Pincott, your phone voice is fantastic and it’s totally how I want you to speak to EVERYONE from here on out. You really made life at RPG super fun and enjoyable, so thanks for everything you did, I cannot thank you enough!

Working at RPG also allowed for so many opportunities. Jen trusted me with so much that it really allowed me to experience things for myself and enhance my learning. The pinnacle of which was being invited to fly to Shanghai with her to film the annual CBBC conference… An intern… flying to Shanghai… To film a conference… How lucky do you get?! I can’t thank everyone who made that possible, enough! While there I also got to meet the Shanghai team who were a blast and took us out for lunch.

Talking of opportunities, each year the team takes part in their annual deskarations event where each team on each of their respective desks compete against each other in a bid to make their desk look the best. Studios’ opportunity at the title was stole last year and at the time of writing this the results haven’t been announced for this years winners,
but if the Global Marketing team win it, it’s fixed and I’m calling for a recount!

Actually, there are so many highlights from my two months at RPG I’ll go ahead and list a couple of my favourites below:

Discovering Noel’s love for socks and the fact he has his own Instagram page dedicated to his sock enthusiasm (check it out @thewongsocks). Noel, it was a pleasure working with you on the studios team. I hope you have an awesome wedding and an even better honeymoon over the New Year, you deserve it!

Jen and I initiating a flash mob on The Bund in Shanghai, and by flash mob I mean the two of us dancing to some random guy’s stall music. I’m not saying we were fantastic, but what I will say is that it drew a crowd and we were being shot by videos from different angles. #NoPapsPlease.

Meeting Andrew Laxton in Shanghai and him insisting a specific dish of his choosing. This ended up being my first taste of frog, not frog’s legs, but full frogs, cooked, marinated and piled onto a plate. They actually tasted pretty nice, until I asked what it was… Thanks for that one Andrew; it was a pleasure getting the chance to meet you, also!

Getting my own Racepoint email. This literally made my day when I first was given it. The temptation to message all my friends and family with that e-signature. It’s the little things in life…

Finally, Jen, I wasn’t her first intern, and I’m sure I’m not going to be her last. But I decided after she kindly put her name forward that I wouldn’t waste her time or my own and to seize any opportunities she would offer me. The time and effort (I already mentioned that tremendous spread sheet) she put in to make sure I was learning something each and everyday while at the same time juggling her own work commitments was awesome and I cannot put into words enough how much I appreciate everything you managed to teach me in the short two months I was at RPG. It ended up being such a busy period for the team and the fact you still brought me into every project you were working on only enhanced my learning even more. You were an absolute joy work with, always smiling, always laughing, I’m glad I was able to bring that added bit of fun to the team and I can confidently say that I joined Racepoint Global with a mentor and a boss and I left with an awesome friend!

But in no way to take anything from everyone else at RPG Asia in the Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai offices – I hope this reaches you somehow so that you too can understand my gratitude to you all for making my experience with you the best I could have hoped for. Each of you welcomed me with open arms and for someone who wasn’t necessarily working directly with you and was only around for two months, puts into perspective why Racepoint has been elected best place to work for three years running!

Hopefully I shall reunite with you all in the future!

Will Wood – #StudiosIntern