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The world is more connected, complex and competitive than ever before. This has made data the global currency and a mark of economic power.

Only those that can collect, manage and utilise data for the benefit of their business, will succeed. But like any valuable resource, data – from customer payment information to company IP – is a target for those looking to steal and use it for their own criminal gains. It must be protected and guarded accordingly.
The C-suite knows this. They also know that their shareholders, customers, partners and competitors, all judge them based on the quality and integrity of their data. As a cybersecurity provider in a crowded market, your job is to stand out from the crowd: to prove your technology is the best, your people are the brightest, and your insight is the sharpest.
Above all, it’s about getting them to trust in you as the best person to protect their business.

Building a Brand of Trust

Building a trusted brand is the key to success in cybersecurity. It requires a comprehensive communications strategy that reaches the right influencers with the right story to show you have what it takes to safeguard the information that matters most.

How do you build trust?
Tell a story that establishes your credentials and sets you apart
Does your organisation have a unique approach? A compelling story? A guiding philosophy? Your messaging should tell a story that leaves potential customers and partners with an understanding of exactly what makes your organisation stand out. If it’s not, you’re doing it wrong.

Engage with the right people –and be in the right conversations
Cybersecurity is the hot issue today and the conversation around it is constantly evolving. Are you engaged on social media and industry events? Are you contributing to the conversations that are shaping the industry and speaking with the influencers shaping the industry? Make sure you understand where these conversations are occurring, who’s influencing them and how best to add your unique spin.

Talk partnership, not product

You are more than your latest product. You are the trusted counsel that helps your customers protect themselves today and tomorrow and you have to show this. The tools you use and the techniques you rely on are only a fraction of the story. The real story rests in the expertise and integrity you bring to the work you do.

Be a source of knowledge

People want to understand the risks issues affecting them, not only today but tomorrow. Are you helping them to understand where the industry is headed? Are you publishing content that showcases your insights?

Racepoint Global Ensures You Stand Out

Racepoint Global is an integrated marketing communications agency with public relations, marketing, creative and media capabilities. You can trust us – we know the cybersecurity sector better than anyone.
We have decades of experience creating compelling narratives that connect customers to brands, helping to launch them into new markets and expand their vertical sectors all while differentiating themselves in a hyper-crowded market. We take an influencer-based approached to PR, hire the intellectually curious and challenge our clients to do more to stay ahead – and demand that they challenge us to be accountable.
The Racepoint team has worked with leading security brands to develop creative marketing, public relations and lead development programmes addressing critical business and thought leadership issues such as GDPR, IP protection, ransomware extortion, cloud security, AI and machine hacking.
In a landscape filled with competition, Racepoint Global gives you the edge you need and helps make sure your story reaches the decision makers who matter most.

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