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Cybercriminals are a crafty bunch; not particularly nice but often very clever. One thing that can be counted on is their persistent to uncover or create new vulnerabilities which they can weasel their ways into.

In the face of a such bloody-minded industry, relying on luck alone to keep you safe isn’t enough. As the threat landscape becomes more sophisticated, security needs to innovate in turn. The UK government – amongst others – has ackowledged this and put in place its five-year National Cyber Security Strategy aimed at making the UK the safest place to live and work online. The Cyber Security Speak team was fortunate enough to attend the UK-Germany Cyber Security Forum in Munich where the three pillars of this programme were discussed: Defend, Deter, Develop.

We’ve seen a number of examples of that effort to ‘develop’ this past week. Following the cybersecurity incubator set up by GCHQ last year, plans to replicate the success with an innovation centre in the start-up centre of London. Meanwhile, the newly rebranded Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport is launching an extracurricular ‘Cyber Schools Programme’ to educate and foster talent for jobs in the cybersecurity innovation in future. It’s these schemes and others like them round the world – such as the Girl Scouts adding badges for robotics and cybersecurity – which will create the next great cybersecurity start-ups keeping the digital domain safe.

News Round-up


UK gov wants teens to practice cybersecurity in their spare time

Newly rebranded Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport launches £20m scheme to teach 14-18 year olds practical cyber skills in their free time.

SC Magazine

£14.5m cyber-security technology innovation centre plans announced

UK government announces plans for security technology innovation centre in London, to boost the UK’s cyber security defences.

Computer Weekly

How Wales has evolved into a hotspot for cybersecurity

A combination of investment, research, and technology companies has turned Wales into a hotbed of cybersecurity expertise.

The Independent

Girls Scouts launches new badges in robotics and cyber security

Youth organisation will be adding 27 new badges on cybersecurity and robotics areas to stimulate STEM skills amongst young girls.


Hack on Italy’s largest bank affects 400,000 customers

A third-party provider has been blamed for two breaches between September 2016 and July of this year.


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