My internship – less like work and more like experience

Racepoint Global

Written by Grace Drew, Intern, London office 

When I turned up to my internship at Racepoint Global, I had absolutely no experience in the world of work. I had expected to be doing the coffee run and moving papers around; all the classics. What I hadn’t expected was to be helping research prospective clients for new business pitches, building a database for event spaces and tracking down news editors. It was a million miles away from pretty much everything I had anticipated.

My first impression was that the office was really fun: chalkboard walls, beanbags and even a table football table. Needless to say, I was already quite excited, and I hadn’t even started any real work yet.

Over the next week I met with members from every part of the business including creative, new business and the PR teams, getting a good idea of what different types of jobs had to be done in the office to ensure everything runs smoothly and clients are kept happy.

I volunteered to help on a project that piqued my interest, involving a gaming company. This gave me a really good insight into how everyone on a team works together to meet the needs of clients.

Everyone in the office always took the time to explain what I needed to do and would answer the multitude of questions that I might have on a topic. Even when we were outside the office I felt part of the family, with people showing me the food markets on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes.

Overall, it was a hectic couple of weeks, where I collected my GCSE results, sampled some amazing food from the local market and endured some pretty long commutes too! Above all though, I’ve learnt a lot about PR, business and the life of work in general. Experience that will be really useful when I finally finish my studies and something I would definitely jump at the chance to do again.