President Trump’s First Congressional Address – How to Follow the Conversation and Engage Online

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President Trump will address a joint session of Congress tomorrow, February 28 at 9:00 p.m. EST. This type of speech is a recently-inaugurated president’s version of the State of the Union – tradition dictates that a commander in chief hold officer for a year before delivering the annual assessment of the state of the nation.

A White House official was quoted as saying the speech will be “optimistic and uplifting,” and aims to capture “the sunny optimism of Reagan to temper the populist anger reflected in his core policies,” but Press Secretary Sean Spicer explained in Friday’s press gaggle, “I don’t think this is going to be the same old Christmas tree kind of State of the Union.”

Details remain vague, but Racepoint Global is here to help you navigate the address and engage with influencers along the way.

Get a sneak peak

On Tuesday morning, Trump will appear on “Fox & Friends,” where he is expected to preview his speech and address immigration policy, tax reform, the economy and other topics. For a sneak peek on what the President will discuss later on, we recommend tuning in. If you have a question you’d like the “Fox & Friends” hosts to ask the President, email or let them know on Twitter or Facebook.

If you can’t wait until tomorrow, there will be a press briefing on Trump’s speech tonight – in the “6 o’clock hour” – which you can live stream from the White House YouTube channel.

Join the conversation

Whether you want to stay up to date or express your thoughts, we suggest following the conversation on Twitter with relevant hashtags and handles, and getting updates from the White House social media channels. The White House and POTUS Twitter accounts will provide real-time information before, during and after the speech. You can also send a message directly to the White House here and sign up for frequent email updates.

  • White House Twitter
  • President Trump Twitter (tweets written by Dan Scavino Jr., Assistant to the President & Director of Social Media Director)
  • President Trump Personal Twitter
  • White House Facebook


NBC News will continue its #DearMrPresident series by asking “real people across the country and the political spectrum [to] share messages of both hope and concern for President Trump.” You can share your message by posting a video, photo, or photo of a letter or tweeting to @NBCNews using the hashtag #DearMrPresident. Go to to see the responses.

Stream the address

With live streams more accessible than ever before, there are numerous ways to watch Trump’s speech live online even if you don’t have access to a major cable news network.

Twitter and PBS NewsHour teamed up to live stream Trump’s inauguration, attracting a record 6.82 million people, and the partnership will also live stream Trump’s address (no need to log onto Twitter to watch). Fox News will start early with their YouTube live stream beginning at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow and NBC News has scheduled all day coverage and a live stream as well.

Gauge reactions

With continued excitement around President Trump’s first month in office, there will be no shortage of reactions to his Congressional Address. Tomorrow, Trump will address the nation – and the world – putting his stamp on the longstanding traditions and history surrounding a joint address to Congress. Based on his reputation for unscripted remarks, many observers don’t know what to expect.

CBS announced that Stephen Colbert’s “The Late Show” will air live after the speech (11:35 p.m. to be exact) with guest Josh Earnest, former Press Secretary for the Obama White House. You can follow conversation online with the show’s hashtag #LSSC.

Stephen Colbert Twitter

Additionally, the Democratic response, delivered by former Kentucky Governor Steven Beshear (@Steve__Beshear), will air immediately after the address. Astrid Silva (@Astrid_NV) will also deliver a Spanish response, focusing on Trump’s immigration policies.

Continue to track #JointAddress and #JointSession online to follow the conversation and provide your own insights.

Written by Natalie Houck-Meloni, Account Coordinator, DC