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Last month’s WannaCry attack may now be in the process of being fixed and solved with security patches from Microsoft being widely rolled out, but its legacy will continue long after every computer has been fixed.

Now that much of the dust has settled, it is being reported that the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) suspects that the attack originated in North Korea. This latest development creates another twist in the story but does nothing to detract away from the broader picture that the healthcare sector is at risk from cyber attacks.

Earlier this week NHS Digital went some way to admitting issues do exist in its current set up. Speaking at NHS Confed ’17, the NHS Digital’s acting chief executive, Rob Shaw, conceded that “we can be better prepared”. Future measures are now being planned by the trust that will include more training on how to identify risks, updating expiring software and effective crisis management as a means to prevent future attacks.

The last of these steps should also include a communications plan both internally for staff and externally for patients and the media. Having control over the conversation and ensuring that only the correct information is shared and picked up by the media will go a long way to building greater levels of trust with the NHS and preventing future attacks from spreading.

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