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Written by: Jane O’Connor ─ Account Coordinator

If you’re a true sports fan than there’s no doubt that you know that Super Bowl LII is this weekend. This year, Twitter is changing it up to capitalize on the opportunities the event creates. Unlike other social networks, which tend to see no significant change in traffic during the game, Twitter saw a +14% increase in minutes spent on the site during the 2017 Super Bowl. In order to generate even more conversation and traffic, Twitter has introduced the #BrandBowl52 for the upcoming 2018 Super Bowl. Centered around everyone’s second favorite part of the game (maybe third depending on where snacks lay in your heart), the #BrandBowl52 is a competition to highlight the best ad spots making their debut.

Intrigued? Well here’s how it works:

  • Prior to the game tweeters can retweet a tweet (say that five times fast) from @TwitterMKTG to receive notifications when a new ad goes live during the game, as well as after each quarter informing them what ad spots aired that quarter.
  • At the end of the game, Brands will then win prizes based on the conversations and engagement the tweets about their ad received. For example, the MVP award will go to the brand with the highest percentage of all brand-related Tweets during the game, the Quarter Back award winner will be the brand with the most retweets on a single Tweet, and so on.
  • The contest will be broken into categories by industry: consumer product goods, dining, entertainment, technology & telecommunications, automotive, alcoholic beverages, home and healthcare, financial services, retail, and travel.
  • The winners will not only receive elevated recognition on Twitter during the game, but a custom emoji they will have access to for 90 days, exclusive ad products, custom research opportunities to fuel their future Twitter campaigns, and obviously, big trophies to showcase in their offices.

The #BrandBowl52 cleverly encourages not only non-brand affiliated viewers to engage in a conversation specifically on Twitter, but provides a  unique and potentially lucrative opportunity for brands that are not looking to drop a couple million dollars for a 30-second spot, through the Interception Award. The Interception Award will be awarded to a brand that does not have a TV ad spot, but to a brand that is able to generate the strongest conversation and highest number of tweets through its non-broadcast ad. It is important to note that only brands that have enrolled in the Twitter #BrandBow52l competition are eligible to be considered for this award, meaning it doesn’t matter how many times you tweet “Doritos has the best Super Bowl ad ever,” if Doritos hasn’t placed themselves into the competition.

With Twitter’s prior success during the Super Bowl, I have no doubt that #Brandbowl52 will see high levels of engagement. Be sure to cheer on the Pats and check out #Brandbowl52 during the big game as Racepoint will be reporting back on the winners and success of the overall contest on Monday!