Connected Kitchen

Racepoint Global

Written by: Jane O’Connor – Account Coordinator, Racepoint Global Boston

When I was younger, the 8 pm Disney Channel Original Movie was the highlight of my day. There were a few that were clearly the best of the best– “Brink,” “Johnny Tsunami,” “The Luck of the Irish” and, my family’s personal favorite, “Smart House.” Admittedly, the end of Smart House, when the personified home operating system/robotic “mom”, Pat, went crazy and created a computer-generated hurricane within the home, gave me nightmares. On the other hand, when Angie asks Pat for a Strawberry Banana smoothie and she prepares one for her on the spot, definitely gave me high hopes for the kitchens of the future.

I enjoy cooking, so the fact that in 2018 the standard is not a robot that can whip me up a smoothie per my voice command is something I can live with. However, some smart house-esque connected kitchen appliances and apps have made their way into the market and are equally exciting.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

The center of the connected kitchen movement seems to be the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator. The fridge got its name “Family Hub” based on the idea that the kitchen is the center of the home. The appliance displays a giant touchscreen which holds your calendar, plays music, and lets you know when you need to order groceries. You can access cameras inside the fridge from anywhere, so, if you don’t know if you need to pick up eggs on your way home from work, you can take a peek into your fridge from the office.

WeMo Crock Pot

Kitchen innovation is appearing on smaller scales as well. If the Crock Pot wasn’t already the most convenient cooking device, there is now a WeMo enabled Crock Pot, which allows you to adjust the temperature and cook-time right from your phone.


For the caffeine inclined, the new Behmor connected coffee maker connects to your phone, so you can pre-soak your beans and brew and control the temperature of your coffee all from the comfort of your bed. Once you’ve made your way to the appliance, it will provide you with recipes and pairings that complement your favorite roast.


Appliances aren’t the only kitchen items that are becoming connected. The SmartPlate can help those who are looking to track their portions and calorie intake. The plate connects to Wi-Fi and blue tooth and has mini cameras and weight sensors which sync to apps on your phone like MyFitnessPal and Fitbit, so you can keep track of all your meals.

So, what does this mean for the future of kitchen products and products that aren’t connected? If my Pirex doesn’t count the calories of my lunch will it become obsolete? I don’t think so…

I am a sucker for a little love and a personal touch in my culinary ventures, meaning my grandma’s 20-year-old navy blue Le Creuset will always make a heartier tasting stew than one that can set the cooking time and heat for me. But it is definitely difficult to pass up the convenience and efficiency of these new products.

What do you think? Are there products you use that will stand the test of time or other connected appliances you are excited about?