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Written by: Heer Rangwani, Intern – Racepoint Global UK

Are we finally starting to take data protection seriously? There’s been a lot of lip service paid to cybersecurity over the past couple of years (which has almost reached the point of white noise as we GDPR comes closer to reality) but the constant data breach news cycle would suggest not.

In fact, according to data released this week by US-firm, Risk Based Security, the number of data breaches disclosed in Q1 2018 was actually down compared with 2017: down to just 686 from 1,444. Additionally, the number of disclosed instances of phishing for employee data dropped from 214 to 31. While these figures don’t necessarily take into account the scale of breaches, it would appear that companies are being more rigorous with their approach to data protection and privacy.

The ‘why’ of this is an interesting question. It would seem that media buzz has actually had a positive effect on the majority of organisations. With Facebook/Cambridge Analytica dominating the news – and this was fraud, rather than a data breach, lest we forget – overall awareness of issues has grown. In this respect, you would have to say the efforts of vendors, experts and consultants in the cyber security space has paid off. The reduction in employee-targeted phishing attacks would also suggest this education is working at every level.

How the conversation develops from here will be quite telling. With GDPR, there is a very definite deadline to work to but when you scratch beneath the surface GDPR is a continual process. The challenge will be convincing consumers and businesses that it’s not a case of “job done.” The message will have to change and without the crutch of GDPR to lean on, ensuring data protection stays on the agenda will require greater creativity than ever before.

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