Part 4: It is About the Talent and the Teams – VIEWPOINT

Racepoint Global

Written by: Peter Prodromou – President and CEO

One of the clear implications of the sweeping change brought about by technology affecting our industry and our clients is the need to deliver much more than the traditional offer. This means having a clear understanding of our client’s businesses and how those businesses are evolving. It means knowing who our client’s audiences are and how these audiences consume information. It requires exceptionally talented people, innovative ideas and insights, a compelling narrative, a well-planned course of action, and fully integrated deployment of resources. Technological advances our industry enjoys helps, but it is the talent and the teams that make success possible.

When it comes to recruiting and retaining people, our industry is feeling the pressure. As I have written about in Parts 1-3 of this series, our clients are increasingly sophisticated and interested in an equally sophisticated, integrated offering. They are interested in a strategic context to the services we deliver. They want data-driven, measured and validated results. They want to know how we can help them move the meter and when it does. They are increasingly cost-sensitive and inclined to take things in-house or outsource to contractors when they feel the need to do so. As if that were not enough, we are competing with management consulting and other professional services firms for our resources. The pressure is relentless, and there is little relief in sight.

So what does that mean for us? It means focusing our efforts, thinking creatively and working smart. It means really thinking about ways to more effectively deploy firm resources. It means enhancing the product/service offering with market intelligence, data, and analytic support. It means working with clients on the right things as well. At the end of the day, though, it is all about the people and the working environment we provide them that will make the difference and determine whether we are successful or not.

Over the years, Racepoint has been fortunate to attract remarkable people, both inside and outside of the communications sector. They push us to the extreme and make us think differently. We have worked hard to build them a community that truly fosters individuality, collaboration, creativity, innovation and excellence. We recognize and reward our people for their efforts to innovate and learn, and the value they create.

Connectedness is important. We aspire to create an environment where individuals learn from one another and their client service experience.  We want our people to feel connected to their work and the clients we serve. Everyone has a voice and this voice is spoken secure in the knowledge of Racepoint’s investment in and commitment to them, and its trust in the quality of their work.  That trust brings with it a willingness to take risks, develop new skills and achieve higher levels of responsibility.

Close and effective collaboration is important as well. We inspire our teams to explore new ways to work together and engage with our clients to craft the strategic programs that clients and the marketplace have come to expect as the Racepoint standard.

We have a global, unified approach to increase engagement, share knowledge and develop our people. We have an engagement platform and programs in place to enhance internal communications, build and share knowledge, and recognize and praise outstanding efforts and client service.

We have management development programs in place as well to ensure our managers and directors are equipped to manage at the highest level possible and build themselves a robust management brand.  “Managing Others: Focusing on the Core” is one such program comprised of internal and external seminars, webinars and events to enhance employee’s skill sets.  The program combines skills training with discussion forums, interactive activities and coaching from our senior leadership team, self-paced online sessions, live classwork settings, and on-the-job activities.

Will this be enough? Maybe. The good news is Racepoint is a continuously learning and innovating organization. We will relentlessly work to further develop our capabilities and how we deploy them. For now, our employee and client tenure reflect what steps we have taken to date, and the industry awards we are proud to have earned on behalf of our client work.

Coming Next, Part 5: A Fully Integrated Offer Powered by Creative, Compelling Fact-Based Narratives