Executive team

Larry Weber

Chairman & CEO

Larry is a globally-known expert on public relations and marketing services and founder of several successful integrated marketing agencies. Recognized as a thought leader on the convergence of technology, the Web, and communications, Larry has helped both international and emerging companies become powerhouse brands. He has authored six forward-thinking marketing books, including his latest, Authentic Marketing: How to Capture Hearts and Minds Through the Power of Purpose, which discusses the need for all companies to have a corporate purpose in order to capture the hearts and minds of today’s audiences.

Bob Osmond


Bob is a dedicated brand builder and agency leader with more than two decades of communications experience delivering high-impact integrated marketing and public relations programs across multiple sectors, from B2B technology to healthcare and consumer brands.

Phil Chadwick

Chief Financial Officer

Phil has extensive accounting, financial, and operational experience in the marketing communications service industry. He oversees all accounting, finance, revenue management, banking, audit, and tax activities at RPG and plays a vital role in the agency's leadership. Phil works closely with other members of the senior management team to develop and execute strategic plans to achieve RPG's goals and that of it clients.  

Carolyn Regan

Senior Vice President, People

Carolyn thrives on building relationships with people at all levels of RPG to strengthen the agency’s people-first, talent-centric culture. She dedicates herself to building an environment of authenticity, belonging and compassion.

Laura Smith

Senior Vice President, Integrated Marketing Lead

Laura is responsible for developing integrated programs that connect brands with their customers across channels while driving business results. Laura prides herself on becoming a true partner to her clients, understanding their challenges and opportunities and working tirelessly on their behalf. Laura is passionate about leading teams to deliver creative content and experiences that resonate with today's consumer.

Ben Haber

Senior Vice President, Tech Lead

Ben is responsible for creating strategic PR and communications programs that influence conversation and reach key audiences. He is passionate about bringing news, stories and products to life through experiences. 

Stephanie Styons

Senior Vice President, Research Triangle Lead

Stephanie works on emerging companies and multi-million dollar corporations, developing and executing communications programs and campaigns that heightened corporate brands as well as executive and product profiles. A true believer in partnering with her client, Stephanie understands the long-term strategy required to effectively promote an organization or brand, and possesses the quick thinking needed to handle immediate communications efforts and crisis situations.

Allison DeLeo

Senior Vice President, West Coast Lead

Allison is responsible for providing strategic counsel to clients on corporate reputation management and supervising overall account work. She has worked with numerous companies from local start-ups to international technology giants. Allison has extensive communications and PR experience in enterprise software, silicon and consumer technologies.

Committed to Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion

At RPG, our core cultural building blocks are authenticity, belonging and compassion. Without a commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion, these are empty words.

In 2020, we all realized that conversations about racial and social justice, once considered unsuitable for the workplace, are critically important conversations for us to have everywhere. As our partners at The Diversity Movement remind us, “when companies downplay demographic differences, they actually increase underrepresented employees’ perception of bias from white colleagues and reduce engagement at work.

C.S. Lewis wrote: ‘Integrity is doing the right thing, even when no one is watching.’ Our people are watching us now. We must authentically be part of the solution. [I will] put in place an actionable commitment to diversity at RPG. My goal is for us to be impeccable in this regard. It will take time and we won't be perfect, but know that this is a priority.
— Excerpt from a letter to the Racepoint Global Leadership Team from Bob Osmond, President, June 1, 2020.

For these reasons, we have taken concrete steps at RPG to address issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). DEI gaps are significant within the communications industry and RPG is no exception. However, as American tennis legend Arthur Ashe famously said about transformational change, it’s critical to “start where you are, use what you have, do what you can.” To that end, these are the concrete steps we have taken (as of January, 2021), to lay the groundwork for the future:

Transparency and Training:

Transparency: We share demographic and diversity data with industry organizations, including the Diversity Action Alliance and the PR Council.

DEI Training: All RPG employees have completed DEI training. We completed agency-wide unconscious bias eLearning training and a privilege walk in 2020. We expect that all new employees will complete this training moving forward.

Leadership Certifications: We have committed to securing Certified Diversity Executive (CDE®) credentials for our president as well as our head of people and DEI. This will ensure that we model best practices for our teams and our clients, allowing us credibly to champion DEI on multiple fronts.

Allyship and Action:

Pro Bono Work: We are a member of the Diversity Marketing Consortium, through which we support women- and BIPOC-owned start-ups by providing more than $185,000 of pro bono services per year.

Financial Support: We have donated a combined $7,500 to the T. Howard and Taylor Bennett Foundations, both of which focus on diversifying the communications field.

Supplier Diversification: We are diversifying our supplier base by working with minority-owned businesses for our own technology and services needs and partnering with BIPOC-owned businesses for RPG training needs and co-developing solutions for our clients. (Our partner TDM is a certified Minority Business Enterprise.)

Promoting Democratic Participation: We participate in Time to Vote and provide our employees a full “Democracy Day” each year to participate in the democratic process.

Hiring Practices:

We have embraced best practices in building a talent pipeline by partnering with minority-serving institutions and HBCUs and foundations to source candidates.