Racepoint Global’s CEO Peter Prodromou Speaks at Silicon Dragon’s Flagship Event in New York City

June 28, 2018

Boston – Racepoint Global, an integrated marketing communications agency, partnered with Silicon Dragon, and was a sponsor of the 2018 Silicon Dragon NY Flagship Event on June 18, which took place at Grant Thornton LLP, in New York City.

The event featured a keynote presentation by Hans Tung, Managing Partner of GGV Capital, four-panel discussions, a Q&A session about China Private Equity, and a networking reception.

Racepoint Global CEO, Peter Prodromou participated on a panel focused on brands in China. The panel was moderated by Vijay Vaitheeswaran of The Economist, and fellow panelists included Adam Lisberg of DJI and Donovan Sung of Xiaomi.

Peter gave some advice to Chinese companies looking to go global, and highlighted a few things to consider:

  1. Are you ready to deal with the de-liberalization of global trade policy and what does that mean from a brand perspective?
  2. How do you transform a sales-driven model into a brand-driven model? If you look at some of the fastest growing companies, you’ll notice that once they reach the market peak, and become the largest in their industry, the quality tends to descend and they start to break down and lose market share.
  3. How do you start to manage a brand in a world where a handful of technology companies are re-establishing the economic dynamics in the world?

Peter challenged companies who are looking to expand globally, to look at markets that are actually suffering downturns and how brands can come into those markets and start to rebuild entire socioeconomic structures (model corporate citizens, job creation, etc.).