FieldFacts: RPG’s Influencer-Marketing Tool

FieldFacts: RPG’s Influencer-Marketing Tool

At Racepoint Global, we use FieldFacts to help you learn about your target audience, improve your messaging, reach key decision makers and maximize your campaign’s impact. FieldFacts narrows the focus to high-quality influencers to support advocacy, marketing and sales campaigns. With our strict vetting process, we deliver accurate and effective analysis to drive high-value brand engagement.

Every single one of our influencer campaigns is rooted in research and analytics provided by FieldFacts. This allows us to create highly effective PR, marketing and media strategies for our clients. To do this, we look at a wide range of influencers, from powerful industry leaders to popular bloggers and identify relevant voices in the conversation. Using FieldFacts, you will be able to maximize your campaign investment and avoid wasting precious time and money.

The FieldFacts experience can provide your business with:

  • The ability to discover influencers as they orient around topics you care about
  • A comprehensive look at relevant digital influencers and public data sources
  • Measured insight into influencer content and social posts

It’s time to reach your most important influencers and join the right conversations. Drive high value brand engagement for the accountability economy with FieldFacts.