Public Affairs

Public Affairs

Public Affairs merges issues and reputations to influence opinions and outcomes on the most pressing policy and business issues. It is local, regional, national and global. Today, many policy actions have been replaced by policy conversations. How an issue is perceived matters as much as the eventual outcome.

At Racepoint, we are creative in the hard-to-understand world of Washington. Everyone wants to own the conversation, and we execute new engagement strategies to fulfill those goals. We know where brands intersect with policy and policy makers, and we bring your issues together in a way that makes sense for you and the policy audience.

Racepoint Global & Public Affairs: Managing Issues and Reputations to influence opinions and outcomes.

We combine on–the-ground experience with cutting-edge technology to understand what is shaping policy makers’ decisions and execute campaigns to influence them right where they are.

How do you know you’re reaching the right people?

FieldFacts takes the guesswork out of targeting in issues and public affairs campaigns. A technology-powered social and traditional monitoring/engagement tool, FieldFacts

  • Maps who is driving the conversation
  • Identifies where the important conversations are happening, on- and offline
  • Enables deep understanding of what resonates with the people who matter most

Our Methodology

We reach policy influencers with the messages & messengers that matter most. We identify where the policy conversation is happening—and where it is not happening— to have the most impact. And, by understanding exactly where targets look for their information, we position messages for maximum exposure.

  • Build surround sound
  • Bolster government relations
  • Be everywhere the influencers are
  • Amplify support

Today, we offer a full suite of advocacy services, all driven by FieldFacts, our proprietary influencer platform that identifies the people of greatest topical influence and voice. Using the many tools described above, Racepoint works with some of the leading corporations and associations shaping today’s public policy debates. We build advocacy programs that align with an organization’s overall market and public positioning.

Our Approach to Crisis Communications:

  • Companies have the power in the current era of communications to build their own wall of sound to control debates and influence dialogue. Racepoint Global manages stakeholders’ impressions to maintain confidence and activate them on the client’s behalf. No matter the crisis scenario, we have the proven experience in achieving results when perception matters. Our principals have counseled global companies and organizations, foreign governments, NGOs and high-visibility individuals on crisis management.
  • Racepoint Global takes a systematic approach when trusted with complex issues, crisis and reputation management campaigns. We analyze a broad range of threats and identify risks. We develop a customized crisis management playbook as preparation neutralizes fallout. We determine scope of impact, prioritize audiences and deliver key messages via appropriate avenues and platforms. And we assess after the crisis, rehabilitate image and integrate lessons learned to enhance future positioning.
  • We navigate the complexities of today’s media environment; audit and aggressively monitor news coverage and social media chatter and collect intelligence on opposition campaigns. Not only this, but we will drive response strategies to protect client reputation before, during and after crises – minimizing media fallout, assuring and activating stakeholders and neutralizing disruptions to business and operations. Working together we will protect your brand, weather the storm and emerge stronger.


  • Issues Management
  • Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Digital & Social Advocacy
  • Crisis Management
  • Message Development
  • Research & Analysis
  • Legislative/Regulatory Advocacy CSR